XtraView is an arrangement of two DStv decoders programmed into a single account and paired up to enable the customer to watch two channels simultaneously from two TVs while paying a single subscription.

This arrangement makes it possible for subscribers to maximize the value of their money as they are able to watch two channels at the same time from both paired decoders. XtraView gives you the ultimate flexibility and allows you to link two or three decoders under the same subscription. This lets you cater to everyone in your family. What’s more – you still only pay one subscription (with an R85 Access Fee for each XtraView decoder).

You can watch sport in the lounge, while the younger kids watch cartoons in the bedroom and the older ones watch movies in the TV room. XtraView is guaranteed to keep the whole family happy.

Explora Xtraview


  • Call outs
  • dish re-alignment
  • Re-location and Re-installation
  • Grip Aerial Connection
  • Complex Installation
  • Sound System Connection
  • Tv Mounting and Bracket Supplying
  • OVHD
  • CCTV Installations